The Crucifier/Adamas(IT)/Honeybadger LIVE at Nosotros

The Crucifier :
CRUCIFIER was formed in February of 1995 by Hlias «Thanatoid» Kyriazis (vocals) and Giorgos Kyriazis (bass guitar) in Athens, Greece. With 3 demos (1995-Infernal Pain / 1996-Totally Madness / 1998-Fear is your Mind) 2 Ep’s (2001-Innocent World / 2004-Escape or Die!) and a full length album (2002-Merciless Conviction) after several changes in the line-up, the band recorded the second full length (2006-Cursed Cross) and 2 split 7» (2009-CRUCIFIER/HATE YOUR FATE, CRUCIFIER/BYWAR) with new members from 2003-’04 and ’05 except Thanatoid. Crucifier have played in many live gigs until now and as a support they have played with Paul Di’Anno in 2003 and with Tankard once in 2004 in Athens and again in Larissa in 2006.

Adamas (Italy) :
The Adamas project was born on April 2007 from an idea of Luigi Castellani (vocals) and his brother Eugenio Castellani (drums). Their first sound was rough and very conditioned by the early Thrash Metal. In 2008 the band writes two songs: “Revenge best served cold” and “Baghdad, singin’ in the raid” and with them Adamas launch the debut EP “Exarco”. The band starts playing live in parties (with their friends Firbholg, Steel Crow) and in metal festivals like Metallattivo (CZ) with Uranium and Dishuman.
At the end of 2008 the band decide to collaborate with Nomadism Records to publish the “Dark Tower” box set, which includes the Exarco songs and the video of “Baghdad singin in the raid”. The songs were broadcasted on december 5th 2008 during the “Italian Invasion Asylum” show, hosted by DJ Sicko on Wild Life Radio (Florida – USA). In the same year they were selected as entrance by the German Pro Wrestling Fighters.
In 2009 Adamas enter in the BPA Studio to record seven new songs which will compose the first full lenght «Evil All Its» (mixing and mastering by Andy LaRouque – Death, King Diamond), published in 2010.
At the beginning of 2012 Mr.Ice, Burellovki, Ughiolu and Spellbounder left the band. In their place succeed the bassist Alessandro Manini and the guitarist Federico Fondacci. The new lineup starts with the arrangement of the hystorical tracks of the band, overlooking on a more direct sound.
The promotion of the album leads the band to Ireland and United Kingdom as open act of the tour of “Cancerous Womb” band (2011) and to Greece within the band “Ibridoma” (2012). In 2013, Adamas sign a first contract with SG Records for the digital release of Evil All Its, in anticipation of the new full lenght in 2014.
At the end of 2013 the band begins to write the new album. During the 2014 they continue on writing the new tracks and important endorsment contracts are settled with Gold Music (B.C Rich, Hughes & Kettner, Rotosound), Artbeat Drum Sticks and YourCable. In summer of 2014 starts the recording of the album in the Mauro “Ulag” Mancinelli‘s DPF Studio. On september Adamas begin to film the video for the new single “Heavy Thoughts” (feat. Blaze Bayley) with the direction of Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein. The new album is a meeting spot between the 80s sound of the early works of the band, and more modern sounds.

Honeybadger :
Οι Honeybadger πρωτοβρέθηκαν μαζί το Νοέμβρη του 2014 και ξεκίνησαν να είναι ενεργοί από τις αρχές του 2015. Γνωστοί και φίλοι από παρέες, μουσικές και στέκια, μπήκαν τζαμάροντας στο studio κουβαλώντας μαζί τους τις παιδικές τους ασθένειες. Το grunge του Seattle, το stoner, τα 70’s, τα blues, την αμερικάνικη και βρετανική ροκ σκηνή, το σύγχρονο indie και το garage. Εκεί γεννήθηκε το δικό τους κράμα που έντυσαν με στίχο βγαλμένο από την αρρώστια της ρουτίνας, την ανάποδη ψυχολογία της ζωής, την ανυπακοή. Η απάντηση είναι μία. Rock n roll!

Η επίσημη κυκλοφορία είναι το EP τους με τίτλο «The Rain».
Τα live highlights τους είναι στο Gyftopoulou Street Fest 2017 με headliners τους Planet of Zeus και το πρόσφατο support στους The Wrinkled Suits στο θρυλικό ΑΝ Club των Εξαρχείων.

Dimitris Vardoulakis – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Dimitris Giannakopoulos – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dimitris Yannopoulos – Bass Guitar – Vocals
Vagg Oikonomou – Drums, Percussions